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Na een uitgebreid onderzoek wordt een proefschrift gepubliceerd, die openbaar verdedigd dient te worden. Als dit succesvol is doorstaan, behaalt een persoon de academische graad ‘Doctor’.

Hiernaast is een overzicht te zien van onderzoekers die binnen Alzheimercentrum Amsterdam zijn gepromoveerd tot Doctor. Via de blauwe linkjes kunt u het proefschrift openen en lezen.

Promoties 2020

Nina Beker

Proefschrift: Cognition in centenarians: Evaluation of cognitive health and underlying factors in centenarians from the 100-plus Study (2 oktober 2020)

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Inger van Steenoven

Proefschrift: Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers in dementia with Lewy bodies: towards a biological diagnosis(22 september 2020)

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Jessica van der Zande

Proefschrift: A sharper image of dementia with Lewy bodies: The role of imaging and neurophysiology in DLB, and the influence of concomitant Alzheimer’s disease pathology (21 september 2020)

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Ellen Dicks

Proefschrift: “Grey matter covariance networks in Alzheimer’s disease: Edging towards a better understanding of disease progression” (9 september 2020)

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Ingrid van Maurik

Proefschrift: Interpreting biomarker results in individual patients with mild cognitive impairment: to estimate prognosis and optimize decision making (12 mei 2020)

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Linda Wesselman

Proefschrift: Lifestyle and brain health: Exploring possibilities of an online intervention in non-demented elderly (1 april 2020)

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Lisa Vermunt

Proefschrift: Secondary prevention for Alzheimer’s disease: Timing , selection, and endpoint of clinical trials (13 maart 2020)

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Promoties 2019

Nienke Scheltens

Proefschrift: Understanding heterogeneity in Alzheimer’s disease: A data-driven approach (17 december 2019)

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Rosalinde Slot

Proefschrift: Subjective cognitive decline: Predictive value of biomarkers in the context of preclinical Alzheimer’s disease (14 november 2019)

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Nienke Legdeur

Proefschrift: Determinants of cognitive impairment in the oldest-old (8 oktober 2019)

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Roos Jutten

Proefschrift: Capturing Changes in Cognition: Refining the measurement of clinical progression in Alzheimer’s disease (20 september 2019)

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Anita van Loenhoud

Proefschrift: Cognitive reserve in Alzheimer’s disease – a perspective on the flourishing and withering of the brain (18 september 2019)

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Jurre den Haan

Proefschrift: Imaging the Retina in Alzheimer’s Disease (12 september 2019)

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Annebet Leeuwis

Proefschrift: Connecting heart and brain: vascular determinants of cognitive impairment and depressive symptoms (2 juli 2019)

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Elles Konijnenberg

Proefschrift: EARLY AMYLOID PATHOLOGY: Identical twins, two of a kind? (25 juni 2019)

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Promoties 2018

Eline Willemse

Proefschrift E.A.J. Willemse: Optimising biomarkers in cerebrospinal fluid: How laboratory reproducibility improves the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. (18-10-2018)

Hanneke Rhodius-Meester

Proefschrift H. Rhodius-Meester: Optimizing use of diagnostic tests in memory clinics; the next step. (24-09-2018)

Mara ten Kate

Proefschrift M. ten Kate: Neuroimaging in predementia Alzheimer’s disease. (13-09-2018)

Sander Verfaillie

Proefschrift S.C.J. Verfaillie: Neuroimaging in subjective cognitive decline: Incipient Alzheimer’s Disease unmasked. (12-09-2018)

Marjolein Engels

Proefschrift M.M.A. Engels: Neurophysiology of Dementia: The resting-state of the art. (18-05-2018)

Flora Gossink

Proefschrift F.T. Gossink: Late Onset Behavioral Changes: Differentiating between bvFTD and psychiatric disorders in clinical practice. (20-04-2018)

Bart Hattink

Proefschrift B. Hattink: Needs-based enabling- and care technology for people with dementie and their carers. (12-04-2018)

Nick van Wijk

Proefschrift N. van Wijk: Nourishing neurons: A rationale for multi-nutrient intervention in Alzheimer’s disease. (24-01-2018)

Promoties 2016

Welmoed Krudop

Proefschrift: W.A. Kruop: The frontal lobe syndrome: A neuropsychiatric challange (23-09-2016)

Eva Louwersheimer

Proefschrift: E. Louwersheimer: Alzheimer’s disease: From phenotype to genotype (21-06-2016)

Marissa Zwan

Proefschrift: M.D. Zwan: Visualizing Alzheimer’s disease pathology. Implementation of amyloid PET in clinical practice (03-03-2016)

Marije Benedictus

Proefschrift: M.R. Benedictus: A vascular view on cognitive decline and dementia: relevance of cerebrovascular MRI markers in a memory clinic (20-01-2016)

Promoties 2015

Martha del Campo Milan

Proefschrift: M. del Campo Milan: Novel Biochemical Signatures of Early Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease (19-06-2015)

Christiane Möller

Proefschrift: C. Möller: Imaging patterns of tissue destruction towards a better discrimination between types of dementia (01-05-2015)

Sofie Adriaanse

Proefschrift: S.M. Adriaanse: Integrating functional and molecular imaging in Alzheimer’s disease (07-04-2015)

Floor Duits

Proefschrift: F.H. Duits: Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease; Current practice and new perspectives (01-04-2015)

Lieke Sandberg-Smits

Proefschrift: L. Sandberg-Smits: A cognitive perspective on clinical manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease (20-03-2015)

Promoties 2014

Astrid Hooghiemstra

Proefschrift: A. Hooghiemstra: Early-onset dementia: with exercise in mind (03-12-2014)

Argonde van Harten

Proefschrift: A.C. van Harten: The road less traveled. CSF biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease: predicting earliest cognitive decline and exploring microrna as a novel biomarker source (07-11-2014)

Esther Poortvliet-Koedam

Proefschrift: E.L.G.E. Poortvliet-Koedam: Early-onset dementia: Unravelling the clinical phenotypes (28-05-2014)

Wesley Jongbloed

Proefschrift: W. Jongbloed: Neurodegeneration: Biochemical signals from the brain (08-05-2014)

Hanneke de Waal

Proefschrift: H de Waal: Understanding heterogeneity in Alzheimer’s disease: A neurophysiological perspective (25-04-2014)

Maja Binnewijzend

Proefschrift: M. Binnewijzend: Functional and perfusion MRI in dementia (21-03-2014)

Promoties 2013

Ineke van Rossum

Proefschrift: I. van Rossum: Diagnosis and prognosis of Alzheimer’s disease in subjects with mild cognitive impairment (28-11-2013)

Annelies van der Vlies

Proefschrift: A.E. Vonk Noordegraaf – van der Vlies: Cognitive profiles in Alzheimer’s disease; recognizing its many faces (27-11-2013)

Rik Ossenkoppele

Proefschrift: R. Ossenkoppele: Alzheimer PEThology (08-5-2013)

Jeroen Goos

Proefschrift: J.D.C. Goos: Microbleeds in dementia: connecting the dots (06-2-2013)

Promoties 2012

Promoties 2011

Sietske Sikkes

Proefschrift: S. Sikkes: Measuring IADL in dementia (14-10-2011)

Sandra Mulder

Proefschrift: S.D. Mulder: Amyloid Associated Proteins in Alzheimer’s Disease(07-10-2011)

Jasper Sluimer

Proefschrift: J. Sluimer: Visualizing the shrinking brain: Longitudinal MR studies in the spectrum of cognitive decline (28-04-2011)

Maartje Kester

Proefschrift: M. Kester: Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s pathology; Monitoring, predicting and understanding the disease (14-01-2011)

Promoties 2010

Niek Verwey

Proefschrift: N.A. Verwey: Biochemical markers in dementia: from mice to men. A translational approach (15-04-2010)

Ellemarije Altena

Proefschrift: E. Altena: Mapping insomnia: brain structure, function and sleep intervention (17-03-2010)

Nelleke Tolboom

Proefschrift: N. Tolboom: Imaging Alzheimer’s disease pathology in vivo: towards an early diagnosis (12-02-2010).

Promoties 2009

Salka Staekenborg

Proefschrift: S.S. Staekenborg: From normal aging to dementia: risk factors and clinical findings in relation to vascular changes on brain MRI (23-12-2009).

Wouter Henneman

Proefschrift: W. Henneman: Advances in hippocampal atrophy measurement in dementia: beyond diagnostics (27-11-2009)

Cees Mulder

Proefschrift: C. Mulder: CSF Biomarkers in dementia (11-11-2009)

Alida Gouw

Proefschrift: A.A. Gouw: Cerebral small vessel disease on MRI: clinical impact and underlying pathology (20-03-2009)

Promoties 2008

Femke Bouwman

Proefschrift: F.H. Bouwman: Biomarkers in dementia: longitudinal aspects (20-06-2008)

Jeske Damoiseaux

Proefschrift: J. Damoiseaux: ‘The brain at rest’: An exploration of intrinsic brain connectivity in healthy subjects and patients with Alzheimer’s disease (20-05-2008)

Raymond Vogels

Proefschrift: R.L.C. Vogels: Cognitive impairment in heart failure (11-04-2008)

Ilse van Straaten

Proefschrift: E.C.W. van Straaten: MRI correlates of vascular cerebral lesions and cognitive impairment (11-01-2008)

Promoties 2007

Giorgos Karas

Proefschrift: G.B. Karas: Precuneus atrophy in early-onset Alzheimer’s disease: a morphometric structural MRI study (20-12-2007)

Antonio Bastos-Leite

Proefschrift: A. Bastos Leite: Pathological ageing of the Brain: a neuroimaging perspective (16-11-2007)

Yolande Pijnenburg

Proefschrift: Y.A.L. Pijnenburg: Frontotemporal dementia: towards an earlier diagnosis (05-07-2007).

Laura van de Pol

Proefschrift: L. van de Pol: Hippocampal atrophy from aging to dementia: a clinical perspective (11-05-2007)

Bethany Jones

Proefschrift: B. Jones: Cingular cortex networks: role in learning and memory and Alzheimer’s disease related changes (23-03-2007)

Promoties 2006

Esther Pelgrim – Korf

Proefschrift: E.S.C. Korf: Medial Temporal Lobe atrophy on MRI: risk factors and predictive value (22-11-2006).

Niki Schoonenboom

Proefschrift: N.S.M. Schoonenboom: CSF markers in Dementia (10-11-2006)

Rutger Goekoop

Proefschrift: R. Goekoop: Functional MRI of cholinergic transmission (16-01-2006)

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