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Amsterdam IADL Questionnaire



The Amsterdam IADL Questionnaire (A-IADL-Q) is an adaptive and computerized questionnaire designed to assess impairments in instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) in (early) dementia. The questionnaire is completed by a caregiver, such as a relative or friend.

The A-IADL-Q was developed in a memory clinic setting, with input from patients and caregivers, experts and researchers [1]. It was demonstrated to be both a reliable and valid instrument in the evaluation of dementia [2]. For the clinical application, it was found to have a good diagnostic value [3] and be sensitive to capturing changes over time [4].

The original questionnaire consists of 70 items in seven categories, the administration time is approximately 20-25 minutes. A recently developed short version (A-IADL-Q-SV) consist of 30 items in the same seven categories. The administration time of the short version is approximately 10 minutes shorter, thus making it more user-friendly. It was found that, although significantly shorter, the A-IADL-Q-SV, maintained the psychometric qualities of the original version [5].

Content of the questionnaire

The A-IADL-Q (-SV) assesses impairments in a broad range of daily activities. Activities were chosen to be suitable for both men and women and for different age groups. More up-to-date activities related to everyday technology use were also included.

  1. household activities (for example doing groceries or cooking)
  2. household appliances (for example using the microwave or dishwasher)
  3. finances (for example paying bills)
  4. work
  5. computer (for example using internet or word processing programs)
  6. appliances (for example using the remote control or new appliances)
  7. leisure activities (for example driving or playing games


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