Alzheimercentrum Amsterdam

Promoties 2018

Eline Willemse

Proefschrift E.A.J. Willemse: Optimising biomarkers in cerebrospinal fluid: How laboratory reproducibility improves the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. (18-10-2018)

Hanneke Rhodius-Meester

Proefschrift H. Rhodius-Meester: Optimizing use of diagnostic tests in memory clinics; the next step. (24-09-2018)

Sander Verfaillie

Proefschrift S.C.J. Verfaillie: Neuroimaging in subjective cognitive decline: Incipient Alzheimer’s Disease unmasked. (12-09-2018)

Bart Hattink

Proefschrift B. Hattink: Needs-based enabling- and care technology for people with dementie and their carers. (12-04-2018)

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