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Alzheimercentrum Amsterdam

Promoties 2016

Welmoed Krudop

Proefschrift: W.A. Kruop: The frontal lobe syndrome: A neuropsychiatric challange (23-09-2016)

Eva Louwersheimer

Proefschrift: E. Louwersheimer: Alzheimer’s disease: From phenotype to genotype (21-06-2016)

Marissa Zwan

Proefschrift: M.D. Zwan: Visualizing Alzheimer’s disease pathology. Implementation of amyloid PET in clinical practice (03-03-2016)

Marije Benedictus

Proefschrift: M.R. Benedictus: A vascular view on cognitive decline and dementia: relevance of cerebrovascular MRI markers in a memory clinic (20-01-2016)

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