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Alzheimercentrum Amsterdam

Promoties 2015

Martha del Campo Milan

Proefschrift: M. del Campo Milan: Novel Biochemical Signatures of Early Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease (19-06-2015)

Christiane Möller

Proefschrift: C. Möller: Imaging patterns of tissue destruction towards a better discrimination between types of dementia (01-05-2015)

Sofie Adriaanse

Proefschrift: S.M. Adriaanse: Integrating functional and molecular imaging in Alzheimer’s disease (07-04-2015)

Floor Duits

Proefschrift: F.H. Duits: Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease; Current practice and new perspectives (01-04-2015)

Lieke Sandberg-Smits

Proefschrift: L. Sandberg-Smits: A cognitive perspective on clinical manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease (20-03-2015)

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