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Alzheimercentrum Amsterdam

Promoties 2009

Salka Staekenborg

Proefschrift: S.S. Staekenborg: From normal aging to dementia: risk factors and clinical findings in relation to vascular changes on brain MRI (23-12-2009).

Wouter Henneman

Proefschrift: W. Henneman: Advances in hippocampal atrophy measurement in dementia: beyond diagnostics (27-11-2009)

Cees Mulder

Proefschrift: C. Mulder: CSF Biomarkers in dementia (11-11-2009)

Alida Gouw

Proefschrift: A.A. Gouw: Cerebral small vessel disease on MRI: clinical impact and underlying pathology (20-03-2009)

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