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Alzheimercentrum Amsterdam

Promoties 2008

Femke Bouwman

Proefschrift: F.H. Bouwman: Biomarkers in dementia: longitudinal aspects (20-06-2008)

Jeske Damoiseaux

Proefschrift: J. Damoiseaux: ‘The brain at rest’: An exploration of intrinsic brain connectivity in healthy subjects and patients with Alzheimer’s disease (20-05-2008)

Raymond Vogels

Proefschrift: R.L.C. Vogels: Cognitive impairment in heart failure (11-04-2008)

Ilse van Straaten

Proefschrift: E.C.W. van Straaten: MRI correlates of vascular cerebral lesions and cognitive impairment (11-01-2008)

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