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Alzheimercentrum Amsterdam

Promoties 2007

Giorgos Karas

Proefschrift: G.B. Karas: Precuneus atrophy in early-onset Alzheimer’s disease: a morphometric structural MRI study (20-12-2007)

Antonio Bastos-Leite

Proefschrift: A. Bastos Leite: Pathological ageing of the Brain: a neuroimaging perspective (16-11-2007)

Yolande Pijnenburg

Proefschrift: Y.A.L. Pijnenburg: Frontotemporal dementia: towards an earlier diagnosis (05-07-2007).

Laura van de Pol

Proefschrift: L. van de Pol: Hippocampal atrophy from aging to dementia: a clinical perspective (11-05-2007)

Bethany Jones

Proefschrift: B. Jones: Cingular cortex networks: role in learning and memory and Alzheimer’s disease related changes (23-03-2007)

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