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Students & Volunteers


Julia Letschert

Julia is a Master student in the track Psychopharmacology and Pathophysiology (Neurobiology – Biomedical Science) at the UvA and started her internship in the 100-plus Research in January. She is doing a proteomic analysis, where she searches for differences in protein expression in the brains of deceased Alzheimer patients and the cognitively healthy centenarians.  


Ramon Bettings

Ramon did his Bachelor Biomedical Technology at the Technical University of Eindhoven. He will obtain his Master computer science with a specialization in Bioinformatics. He is interested in the interaction between genotype, phenotype and lifestyle. He will write his master thesis with the data from the 100-plus study, in which he will profile the genetic variants detected in the genomes of the centenarians.

Studenten & Vrijwilligers 1
Studenten & Vrijwilligers


Tjitske Dijkstra

Tjitske Dijkstra is  a retired general practitioner who likes to contribute to the 100-plus study. The researchers are very pleased to be able to ask her all kinds of medical questions they encounter in the 100-plus study. Tjitske also visits the centenarians at home.

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