Alzheimercentrum Amsterdam


Debbie Horsten (MSc)

Debbie is a neuropsychologist and a trained venipuncturer. She is involved in visiting the centenarians at home and drives around the country to collect blood samples from all the centenarians in our study. Also, she keeps this website up-to-date, she organizes 100-plus related events or events that we organized with centenarian-participants. She handles the contacts with our relations, and she coordinates media-attention for the study.

Esther Meijer (MSc)

Esther is a neuropsychologist, working as a full time research assistent with the100-plus Study. She coordinates the recruitment of new centenarians, she plans the visits, and ensures that all data is processed in the databases. Also, she performs a large number of the visits with the centenarians. Furthermore, she is responsible for keeping the documents, used in the study, up to date and she maintains all contact with the Medical Ethical Committee.

Sterre Rechtuijt (BSc)

Sterre works for the 100-plus Study as a research assistant. She is involved in the recruitment of the centenarians and visits the centenarians at home for interviews and neuropsychological testing. She also is responsible for data entry. Sterre also contacts centenarians who consent to donate their brains for the purpose of a half-yearly follow-up. Furthermore, she is responsible for contact with media relations and posts 100-plus Study related updates on our Facebook page.