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Andrea Ganz will present 100-plus data at BNS meeting

Date: 21 February 2017 Promovendi Andrea Ganz spreekt op de 118e BNS bijeenkomst

On the second of March 2017 Andrea Ganz, molecular cell- and neurobiologist and PhD candidate at the 100-plus study, will present the first data of the neuropathological analysis that were performed in the donated brains of the Centenarians. She will present her results at the 118th meeting of the British Neuropathological Society (BSN) in London.

Promovendi Andrea Ganz spreekt op de 118e BNS bijeenkomst 1

“We are aiming to find the molecular constellations that underlie cognitive health at these extremely high ages. So far, we were able to show that they are not resilient to the build-up of Alzheimer’s disease-related neuropathological changes but show a much higher amount than suspected. We therefore need to further investigate the molecular constellations of the brain tissues to identify what sets them apart from people with cognitive impairments and a similar load of pathology.” Andrea Ganz